Medvedev raised squabbled with a student, the Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has appointed Dzhambulat hatuova the first Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia. Relevant document posted by on the official portal of legal information.

Also another decree the Prime Minister appointed Yevgeny Gromyko, Deputy Minister of agriculture.

Hatuov has attracted media attention after posting a video on the Internet, where second-year student at the Timiryazev agricultural Academy asked him a question about the differences between sugar beet and forage. The Minister initially tried to Dodge the question, noting that the student knows the answer, then recalled that of sugar beet produced sugar. After he asked the girl to clarify what is visually the difference between the two types of beets, the Deputy Minister said: “You know, but, in my opinion, there is a lack of respect. I answered your question. Stop the provocation”.

Choutova visit to the Academy was associated with the decision of the government Commission to withdraw from University scientific 101,58 hectares of land located in the North of Moscow, and to transfer their under building. This decision caused sharp criticism from students and faculty.

After that, the state Duma Deputy Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) asked the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to intervene in the situation with the transfer of part of the land. After that, the head of the Cabinet instructed to hold further public discussion of this issue.

April 11, near the Academy gathered for the rally, which participants demanded to cancel the development project. It was attended by several hundred people.