“The messenger” put up for sale your insurance company

Group of companies “Svyaznoy” has decided to sell the company “Svyaznoy insurance,” she has already sent out letters to potential buyers. About this “Vedomosti” said one of the recipients and confirmed the representative of “Coherent”.

The negotiations for the sale started because the “Liaison” there are no plans for the development of the insurer, said the company representative. In the sales presentation emphasizes that “the Messenger” insurance “is part of the retailer and has an extensive number of sales outlets” and also offers “unusual products”, in particular the insurance of the gadgets.

“The messenger insurance” started in 2012, after the “Messenger” bought a small company “Argo interpolis” whose insurance charges amounted to 287 thousand rubles, and registered capital is 200 million rubles. However, since that time private insurance the group’s business has not grown, note the “Vedomosti”: the list of the Central Bank 265 it takes place at the box office, she gathered, according to figures from the presentation, to 7.3 million rubles of premiums paid 184 thousand roubles IFRS Profit amounted to 13.9 million rubles.

Retailer “Svyaznoy” will continue to work with other insurance partners, among which — “the Renaissance insurance”, “Raiffeisen life”, “AlfaStrakhovanie”, “VTB insurance” and VSK. The turnover of the total sales of insurance products on “Messenger insurance” accounted for less than 0.5%. The representative of the group did not rule out, however, that it can continue with selling the company and after the transaction.

Managing partner NAFI Paul Samiev estimated the cost of a “Coherent insurance” in 100-150 million rubles, calling it a cover charge to market. He doubted that “the Messenger” will be able to ensure the new owner’s special conditions with the retailer.