The United States will invest in Estonia 100 soldiers and 10 tanks Abrams

The United States will invest to Estonia about 100 soldiers and 10 tanks M1 Abrams. About this on air of the Estonian national broadcasting Corporation (ERR) reported by the head of Department
military cooperation at the U.S. Embassy, Lieutenant Colonel William Mcnicol.

“In accordance with the decision of the Congress of Estonia will receive one tank company. In a tank company usually consists of 100 to 120 soldiers, 10 tanks M1 Abrams, Bradley IFV and 4 armored vehicles support. Also Estonia can count on additional support from the same brigade — field artillery, pontoon car, reconnaissance drones. This technique is in the order of a nine-month rotation will be in all the Baltic States in accordance with their needs,” said Mcnicol.

Thus the representative of the American Embassy commented that the U.S. would send to Estonia 9 thousand military in a state of alert. Said this yesterday, the Estonian media, citing the Finnish company Lännen Media, which, in turn, referred to the headquarters of NATO in Brussels.

The official representative of Estonian defense Ministry in ERR comments noted that the words that Estonia will defend 9 thousand military, “should not be taken literally, as NATO allies protect their allies by all means, what they have”.

The Pentagon has previously announced that it will place in Eastern Europe additional, third armoured brigade, numbering 4.2 thousand military to deter “Russian aggression”. It is also on placement in the region of 250 units — tanks, infantry fighting vehicles Bradley, and Paladin artillery. In addition, transported will be 1.7 thousand tools.