Uber in California will pay $10 million for introducing clients to confusion

The world’s largest service taxi Uber has agreed to pay $10 million to settle the dispute concerning his statements about the quality of the selection of drivers, transfers bi-Bi-si.

The suit was filed in 2014 after Uber announced that they are practicing the procedure for the selection of drivers is better than traditional systems that use taxi firms. The district attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles felt that a public statement from Uber about the “Golden standard” of security was deceptive.

The company stressed that its agreement to pay $10 million is not recognized in any wrongdoing.

Unlike traditional taxis, Uber does not require drivers check fingerprints, which could indicate their criminal record. Instead, the service uses different criminal database.

As part of the settlement of the dispute is Uber announced that it would no longer be used in their advertising statements such as “safe driving”.

Prosecutors stressed that the service could not exclude the employment of 25 people with a criminal record, including those convicted under articles on violence and murder. For its part, the company noted that no “accidents and incidents occurred.

Uber is obliged to make payment within 60 days. They will be divided evenly between San Francisco and Los Angeles. If the company does not comply with the agreement, it would have to pay an additional $15 million over two years.

In February, the taxi service Uber has agreed to pay $28.5 million to settle a similar lawsuit was the claim of the customers in the USA who complained of levied charge of $1 for “security”. They were angered by a filing fee of $1 which service he was charging for “security”. Customers complained that the wording about “safe travel” is misleading, as drivers in the company does not check as thoroughly as is claimed.