The second vessel with migrants went from Greece in the framework of the agreement with the EU

The Greek island of Lesvos on Friday, April 8, left the ferry with 45 migrants. This is the second vessel that deports refugees from Greece to Turkey under the agreement with the European Union in preventing mass illegal migration to Europe, reports Reuters.

The bulk of the deportees were citizens of Pakistan. Send the next ship with a large group of IDPs is also planned for Friday.

The departure of the vessel tried to prevent the activists of the movement for the protection of migrants. At least two of them jumped into the water near the ferry. Hanging from chains anchors, they formed a letter V in sign of victory. They picked up the staff of the Greek coast guard.

The authorities of the Greek Islands of Lesbos and Chios as part of the agreement with the EU to limit the number of refugees in Europe April 3 sent to Turkey first migrants. All ferry boats under heavy security and the personnel of migration service of the EU Frontex day in Turkey were deported 202 people.

The leadership of the European Union and Turkey March 18, 2016 approved the draft agreement on the expulsion of illegal migrants. According to the agreement, which entered into force on 20 March, all refugees arriving in Greece should be expelled to Turkey.