The Crimean authorities have made emergency shutdown of the power bridge in April

An energy bridge to the Crimea at the time repairs can be completely disabled, the government said Peninsula with reference to the operational headquarters of “Krymenergo”. It comes to repair works, from 11 April to 17 April of the current year, during which it is planned to set a limit when the flow of 285 MW and an operational limit of 687 MW.

“During the aforementioned period the connection of the power system of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol with the UES of the South of Russia will be accessed by one CL-220 kV (OL 220 kV Taman — Kamysh-Burun or OL 220 kV Taman — Cafe 1 chain). It should be noted that there is a probability of emergency shutdown of remaining in the work OL 220 kV (OL 220 kV Taman — Kamysh-Burun or OL 220 kV Taman — Cafe chain 1),” — said in the government.

Crimea was completely disconnected on the night of 22 November 2015. The reason for this was energoblok, which was held by Ukrainian activists. After that, the Peninsula was entered emergency mode.

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Crimea in the dark: how residents live without electricity

About 1.9 million inhabitants of Crimea were left without electricity from the Ukraine, once in the Kherson region were damaged four power transmission towers…

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The supply of electricity to the Peninsula has been partially restored only after starting the first leg of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region in early December 2015. It was assumed that it will provide 200 MW. The opening thread was attended by President Vladimir Putin. He was commissioned by 2017 to achieve electricity production directly on the territory of the Peninsula.

Two weeks later, from the Krasnodar region launched the second line of the power bridge (200 MW). The head of state pointed out that the second phase, which will be delivered another 400 MW, will be launched to the beginning of the summer season. In February, the President admitted that the second phase will be may 1 or earlier.