NPP in Finland has leaked radioactive substances

At a nuclear power plant “Olkiluoto” in the community of Eurajoki has leaked radioactive substances in the reactor water. It is reported by Finnish broadcaster Yle.

Head of elektroprovodka NPP Mikko Kosonen said the situation is unpleasant, but not too serious. In his words, “a similar situation happened at the time of the station for about 40 times”.

The Finnish Centre for nuclear and radiation safety STUK in his Twitter wrote that the leak poses no threat to the environment.

According to the publication, the electricity production will be suspended while the repair work since April 11. The repair will take, according to preliminary forecasts, about a week.

The nuclear power plant “Olkiluoto” was commissioned in 1978. Two reactor plant produces over 16 per cent of total consumption in Finland electricity. In 2005 construction began on the third unit of the plant, but it is unknown when it will be put into operation.

A similar incident occurred in February at the nuclear power plant near new York. Then the level of radiation activity is 65% higher than the norm. However, as stated by the official representative of the nuclear regulatory Commission, Neil Sheehan, the leak posed no threat to the environment.