The Belarusian Parliament has introduced criminal liability for extremism

The upper chamber of the Belarusian Parliament — Council of Republic of the National Assembly approved the amendments, which, in particular, introduce in the criminal code responsibility for extremism. About it reports BelTA.

The amendments introduce into the criminal code of Belarus article 361-1 and article 361-2, which provide for punishment for the acts for the establishment and funding of citizens ‘ associations in the presence of their activity of signs of extremism.

As explained at the meeting of the Council of Republic the Chairman of the KGB Valery Vakulchik, the responsibility for the leaders and financiers of organizations, “fully understand the social danger of his acts.” “Ordinary members may be covered under other articles of the criminal code. For example, broke the window — this is the article for hooliganism”, — Vakulchyk said.

Amendments are also introduced in article 130 of the criminal code (incitement to racial, national or religious enmity or discord). It will now provide for criminal liability for incitement of social enmity or discord.

In addition, amended article 17.11 Of The Administrative Code Of Belarus. From now on, will be responsible for the replication of extremist materials, including those not included in the corresponding deny list.

As noted Vakulchik, the definition of extremism in the national legislation has not been revised for about 10 years, and currently extremist may only be recognized by a registered organization.

“Practice and foreign experience show that the greatest threat are the unregistered formation”, — said the head of the KGB. He added that the amendments to the law expand and systematize the notion of “extremism”: in particular, we introduce the definition of extremist groups.