The authorities of Chernivtsi prohibited to place on the signs the word “Russia”

Chernivtsi city Council banned the use of signs, ads, billboards, tables and boards, on which is written the word “Russia”. The decision was taken on 31 March, it is published on the website of the Council (.doc).

The authorities instructed the heads of companies and their owners within ten days to dismantle such signage and announcements. Control of these is vested in the Commission of the Council on questions of legality.

Its decision the deputies were substantiated by the events which occur in Ukraine in the last two years, in particular the secession of Crimea and “waging an undeclared hybrid war”. They also reminded about the thousands dead and injured in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The decision underscores that the city Council acts, “bearing in mind the request of the society, many social organizations, many of the residents”.

As the local edition of “Young bukovynets”, for a ban on the word “Russia” on the signs voted for 37 deputies. Earlier in Chernivtsi have already changed the signs on some of the branches of Sberbank. Before there was written “Sberbank of Russia”, now the inscription contains only the name of the Bank.