Fireman injured when extinguishing fire in the building of the Ministry of defense

A firefighter was injured while fighting a fire in the defense Ministry building in Central Moscow. About this TASS said a source in medical circles.

“According to preliminary data, injured one firefighter. He has a heat stroke. Medical care was provided at the place of state of emergency”, — said the source

As has told to Agency a source in the emergency services, the fire area continues to grow. At the moment it reached 3.5 thousand square meters. The fire spread to the wooden floors and on the roof. In a press-service Metropolitan emergency Department TASS explained that in extinguishing the fire involved 253 people and 72 pieces of equipment.

A source in the operational services of the city noted to the Agency that the fire complicates a strong wind.

“The use of firefighting helicopters prevents turbulence and smoke of a building that does not allow for point discharges water”, — told RIA Novosti source in the power structures.

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In Moscow there was a fire in the building of the Ministry of defense

In Moscow on 3 April there was a fire in the building of the defense Ministry on Znamenka street, 19. The fire was assigned the fifth — highest — level of difficulty. The fire was on the third…

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