The French are less likely than other European citizens were in favour of membership of Britain in EU

Of all the inhabitants of the countries of Europe the French are less likely to survive, if the British vote on the referendum for leaving the EU. This writes the Financial Times referring to the survey conducted by the sociological Institute Odoxa for publication Le Parisien, France Info radio station and the telecommunications company MCI.

According to the results, only 54% of French want Britain to remain within the EU. While among the British, according to the survey, the percentage of those wishing to stay in the block just above 55 per cent.

Residents of other countries of Europe a more positive view of the preservation of Britain’s membership in the EU. So, for the country was left in the block, expressed 76% of Spaniards, 67% of Italians and 65% of Germans.

The referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU is scheduled for June 23.

The newspaper Le Parisien, commenting on the results of the survey, wrote that the figures proved that “Britain will always be perceived in France as perfidious Albion,” writes FT.

Compared with previous surveys, the negative attitude of France, the Kingdom grows as we approach the referendum. Last month a BVA survey showed that 44% of the French believe that the UK is a problem for the EU. While a year ago the rate was only 7%, the newspaper notes.