Member of Parnassus Natalia Pelevin has announced plans to sue NTV

A member of the Federal political Council PARNAS Natalia Pelevin is going to sue the TV station NTV, which has shown to “expose” the film is about her and the leader of the party Mikhail Kasyanov. Pelevin about this informed the TV channel “Rain”.

“The only reason this film was made — the approaching elections and the platform of Parnassus, which will be used in this election. This is the reason for this “horror”, which today showed NTV,” said Pelevin.

She also stressed that the film violates her rights “as a citizen to privacy” and added that he considers its contents are “criminal”.

“There was some blatant lawlessness at the state level. Of course, this was sanctioned at the political level,” said Pelevin.

After 1 April, the TV channel NTV released a story called “Kasyanov day.” It shows footage of a covert filming of a personal meeting with two people who, in the opinion of the authors of the program are the chair of Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov and the party member Natalia Pelevine. The authors argue that the meeting takes place at the safe house. In the tape, which the TV station is how the conversation Kasyanov and Pelevina, the woman disinterestedly speaks of the Deputy Chairman of the party Ilya Yashin, and the leader of the unregistered “progress Party” Alexei Navalny.