Associated with the family of the Minister Tkachev, the company increased its revenue 1.5 times

Harvesting the crops in the Krasnodar region

Revenue joint-stock company “the Agrocomplex”. N. And. Tkachev associated with the family of Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev, in 2015 amounted to 38.7 billion rubles, an increase of 46% compared to revenues in 2014, follows from the annual accounting statements of JSC. Net profit increased by 60% and amounted to 6.6 billion rubles a Year earlier, the performance of the company grew at a comparable pace: revenue then increased by 40% and profit by 65%. General Director of “Agro” Eugene Stick, failed to promptly comment on RBC results in annual reporting. According to General Director of Institute of agrarian marketing Elena Tyurina, such growth indicators for the second year in a row characterizes the company as an active and fast-growing, highly dynamic, she explains that the company actively carries out investment projects in the field of milk production and increases land Bank.

“Agro” was founded in 1993 by father of the Minister of agriculture, former Governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev. The company is one of the largest Russian agroholdings (323 th place in the ranking of the largest 500 companies RBC), it includes more than 60 companies engaged in livestock, crop production, poultry farming, feed production, meat processing, storage and logistics. “The Agrocomplex” also owns about 600 stores in the Krasnodar and Stavropol edges and the Rostov region.

Throughout 2015, the company made a major acquisition and expanded the business. As a result, in June 2015, according to the calculations of RBC, “Agrocomplex” based on their last deals (the structure of Agrocomplex purchased the assets of one of the largest in the past of Russia agroholdings Valinor) was supposed to be in the top 5 largest holders of agricultural land in Russia: land Bank of the company at the time could be about 450 thousand ha. In July last year, “Agrocomplex”, which is one of the largest producers of eggs in the Krasnodar region, Krasnodar has bought a large poultry farm. This purchase allowed the holding, at least, to double the production of eggs by the end of 2017.

Already by the end of 2014 AGROKOMPLEX has become the leader in the production of raw milk with production capacity of 180 thousand tons of milk a year. In March 2016, Eugene Stick, told RBC that in 2015 production volume of the company amounted to over 200 thousand tons within five years the company intends to increase production to 360 thousand tonnes of milk, opening a new dairy farms and increasing production on existing farms. The company also announced plans to increase milk processing. In September 2015 the Stick, told RBC that leads Agrocomplex “major reconstruction” of one of their factories for milk processing, located in Vyselkovsky district of Krasnodar Krai: the plant will be the largest for the company, it will process more than 100 tonnes of milk per day. In addition, in November last year, the Stick, told RBC that in 2017, “the Agrocomplex” plans to put into operation a new production of cheese in the village of Settlement. The plant will produce primarily hard cheeses — in particular, Maasdam, Emmental; in addition, must have line of soft cheeses of the mozzarella type, in the plans also — Adyghe cheese and other varieties. Production capacity will be 1.4 thousand tons per month, about 17 thousand tons per year. “Power cheese factory will be one of the largest plants in the Russian Federation and, of course, the most powerful in the South”, — commented on the Twigs.

There is a conflict

In January 2016, the Chairman of state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Alexander Khinshtein (United Russia) has sent an official request to Alexander Tkachev, which was interested in, Lee wrote the statement about the presence or absence of conflict of interest in connection with the business conducted by his relatives. In his address Alexander Khinshtein referred to Federal law No. 273 “On combating corruption”, operating in Russia since 2009. According to this law, the conflict of interest is a situation in which personal interest of officials can affect the performance of his official duties. While personal interest can be considered to obtain an official property or cash income or other benefits. Tkachev has sent the government a notice of its consideration of a possible conflict of interest. Now the question will be considered by a special Commission which will give its opinion, explained the procedure the representative of the Ministry.

Himself Tkachev in an interview with RBC in June 2015 said that he sees no conflict of interest. “It’s not the oil, but the earth, the production of milk, meat, eggs, bread… Conventional farming. The company I created in 1995-1996, they are small, they have more than 20 years. Am I supposed to sell? The decision is up to the relatives… This is absolutely normal — it enterprises, plants, factories. What conflict?” — explained the Minister.