The Turkish club has accused the Russian volleyball player of slander

Turkish team Galatasaray have accused the player of the Krasnodar “Dynamo” Tatiana Koshelev, as well as the Russian media of defamation. This is stated in the message published on the team website.

“After the first match of CEV Cup final [between Galatasaray and Dynamo] the Russian player Tatyana Kosheleva has launched a smear campaign in social networks, which was then picked up by Russian press. This was done for fear of defeat in the fight for the Cup, as well as for other reasons — in particular, political. This behavior is not consistent with the principles of fair play [fair play”], — said the Turkish club.

The first match of the final series of the Cup EKB-2016 was held in Turkey’s Istanbul on March 29. After Tatiana Kosheleva wrote in his Instagram that during the match fans of the Turkish team Galatasaray threw debris volleyball Krasnodar “Dynamo”. “Fans of the Turkish team were more than adequately, their words and gestures has shown all the hatred towards us. From the stands on our heads flew the garbage!!!” — she wrote.

This event provoked a negative reaction from Russian officials. the President of the Russian volleyball Federation (IEF) Stanislav Shevchenko called the events “unfortunate”. Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin “very carefully” looking at the situation, and did not rule out an official response if the data is confirmed. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin commented on the incident, writing in his Twitter. “It’s not sportsmanship (and I want to say — just goats)”, — he stressed.

On Thursday the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko said that Russian volleyball Federation has filed a protest in connection with the incident. “I can say that, of course, the Federation lodged a protest with the requirement of disciplinary liability to the owners. It was an unprecedented case where such boorish behavior of the fans towards the team, especially women”, he said, speaking to reporters.

In the first match of the Russian team lost with the score 3:2. The return match — this time in Krasnodar will take place on 2 April. According to the results of the return match will decide the Cup winner.