The first Soviet millionaire Artem Tarasov joined Yabloko

Soviet and Russian entrepreneur Artem Tarasov joined the party “Yabloko”. He intends to run for the State Duma elections, which will be held in September 2016. About TASS said the head of the Moscow branch of Yabloko, member of the political Committee of the party Sergei Mitrokhin.

“Artem Tarasov came into our party. He said that his [the founder of Yabloko Grigory] Yavlinsky back in 1993 I was invited but he wasn’t ready and ripe now,” said Mitrokhin.

According to him, now resolved which neighborhood Tarasov will nominate a person. However, Mitrokhin explained that, perhaps, the entrepreneur will be present in party list. Tarasova comment the Agency received.

Artem Tarasov was the head of the cooperative “Technique”. In 1989 he became the first Russian millionaire after got paid 3 million rubles In 1990, Tarasov became the people’s Deputy of the RSFSR, and in 1993 it was selected the Deputy of the state Duma of the first convocation. In 1996 he was nominated a candidate for the presidential elections, but was not registered with the electoral Commission and participation in elections was not accepted.