The hijackers seized the EgyptAir plane with 80 passengers

The plane EgyptAir, September 2013

The EgyptAir plane which was carrying out internal flight in Egypt from Alexandria to Cairo, was captured. This was stated by the representative of the airline, according to Bloomberg.

The hijackers demanded to make a landing in Cyprus, she said.

Reuters reports that the aircraft landed in Larnaca. The Agency refers to the message of the Cypriot state broadcaster. Bloomberg later confirmed the information about landing at the airport of Larnaca.

According to Reuters, which cites sources in the aviation services and the police captured the Airbus A320.

On Board is 80-81 people, writes Reuters with reference to public radio of Syria. Bloomberg clarifies that we are talking about 81 passengers.

Presumably, the plane is one armed man, radio.

Greece CNN reports that the plane A320 took off from Alexandria at eight o’clock in the morning local time.