U.S. military shot a kid near a US airbase in Afghanistan

U.S. military shot a kid near a US airbase in Afghanistan. It is reported Associated Press with reference to local police.

A police spokesman Zaman Mamozai said that the incident took place near Bagram air base, 50 km from Kabul. He noted that the boy, whose age is not selected, holding an object that looked like an automatic rifle.

According to the military before opening fire, he warned the boy and asked him to stop.

According to Mamozai, local residents gathered near the airbase in protest, but parted, when I learned the details of what happened.

A spokesman for the U.S. army in Afghanistan Charles Cleveland said the us military investigate the incident, they note in the Agency.

In December 2015, near Bagram air base, a suicide bomber attacked a joint U.S.-Afghan patrol. According to the district Governor Abdul Shukura of Qudusi, the attack injured six soldiers. However, the Taliban have taken responsibility for the incident, said the death of 19 people.

Bagram is the largest airbase of the US and coalition forces in Afghanistan. In 80-ies of the twentieth century airbase belonged to the Soviet Union.