The Syrian government has described the destruction at the National Museum of Palmyra

Syrian experts on the antiquities were plunged into the shock of the destruction that struck the militants of the outlawed “Islamic state” National Museum of Palmyra. About it reports Associated Press with reference to the head of the Department of antiquities and museums of Syria Maamoun Abdul-Karim.

He told the news Agency that the terrorists beheaded a statue of the Greek goddess Athena, destroyed a large number of exhibits, and the cellars of the Museum were undermined.

The official noted that many statues damaged person, but in General they are not destroyed, so it is possible to restore them. “Yes, we lost part of the originals, but we have not lost them completely,” said Abdul-Karim.

Besides the Museum, the terrorists also destroyed many ancient monuments of the ancient city, including two temples, which was more than 1 thousand 800 years, and Roman triumphal arch, the Agency said.

In addition, the militants beheaded the 81-year-old head of archaeological excavations in Palmyra. This happened after he refused to tell authorities where he stashed some valuables before the city was captured.

Islamists destroy works of art, struggling with “idolatry” and paganism, emphasizes AP. Sochaczewie terrorists of the ancient relics is also true on the black market to Finance the organization, the Agency said.

Today the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation Lieutenant-General Sergey Kuralenko told reporters that some of the monuments of Palmyra was destroyed, the rest were booby-trapped by the retreating militants.

On 27 March it became known that the Syrian government army managed to free the Palmyra from terrorists. The ancient city with the world heritage list of UNESCO, were held by militants since may 2015. The release operation took place with the active support of the Russian aviation, which is only during the day from 26 to 27 March, it was made 40 sorties in the area of the city. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has congratulated his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad on the victory and noted the importance of preserving the “unique historic city to the world culture”.

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