The defense Ministry ordered 10 thousand medals “to a Participant in a military operation in Syria”

The su-25, which is part of the aviation group of the aerospace defence forces of Russia, before flying from the air base Hamim in paragraphs permanent stationing on the territory of Russia, 15 March 2016

The Russian defense Ministry has announced a tender procedure for purchase of more than 10 thousand medals “to a Participant in a military operation in Syria.” This follows from the order placed on Monday, March 28, on the procurement website.

According to the placed order, the Ministry plans to buy 10 thousand 300 medals “to a Participant in a military operation in Syria” and the same forms of identity. The price of the same coin, according to the hosted application is 193,95 RUB each Blanca — 24,8 rbl. the Total amount of the defense Ministry are willing to spend on the purchase, is 2,253 million rubles.

Applications will be accepted until April 5, it follows from the description of the order.

Departmental medal of the Ministry of defense of Russia “Participant of military operations in Syria” was established by order of the Minister of defence dated 30 November 2015.

Russia conducted an aerial operation in Syria with September 30, 2015. At the end of February 2016, Russia and the United States agreed to the ceasefire in Syria. It officially began operating on February 27.

On March 14 President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ordered the withdrawal of the main part of the Russian military forces from Syria. According to him, the tasks assigned to the Ministry of defence were generally fulfilled.

Later, the defense Ministry said it will continue to inflict strikes on the positions of militants.