Ruins after ISIS: looks like liberated from the terrorists Palmyra

Sunday, March 27, Syrian government forces managed to take control of Palmyra. This strategically important place from may 2015, was held by fighters, not a terrorist organization “Islamic state”. Operation army of President Bashar al-Assad was held with the active support of the Russian aviation, which per night from 26 to 27 March, it was made 40 sorties in the area of the city. The Russian military will also help in clearance of the historic city, which is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has congratulated his Syrian colleague with the capturing of the city, and Assad, in turn, called the operation in Palmira “proof of the effectiveness of the Syrian army and its allies.” Now Assad’s forces opened the way for an attack in the Eastern province of Deir ez-Zor

Blasted ruins of the triumphal arch in the historic part of the city

View of the fortress of ancient Palmyra from the outskirts of the modern city. In a conversation with Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin noted the importance of preserving the “unique historic city to the world culture”

The ruins of the blown up temple of Baal-Shamin. The temple, built in the first century, was dedicated to the God Baal, he was one of the most valuable monuments of ancient Palmyra. The Church was blown up by terrorists in August 2015.

Syrian troops through the ruined streets of the suburbs of modern Palmyra. In the city several days of street fighting took place – that the Syrian army entered the city, it was reported on March 24

Blasted ruins of the triumphal arch in the historic part of the city