Ramazzotti accused the organizers of the tour of Russia in breach of contract

Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti has canceled concerts in Russia due to the default of the receiving party. About this “Interfax” reported in the company Trident production Music, touring musician.

“Trident Music deeply regretted that after the concert in Belarus on 26 March forced to announce the termination of the tour and the cancellation of the show of Eros Ramazzotti in Russia, Estonia and Armenia due to the breach of contractual obligations by the Russian organizer of the tours in these countries,” — said in a statement.

At Trident Music explained that “LLC “Global communication” repeatedly violated the obligations to payments intended to cover the expenditure and the show of the singer “at a high international level”.

The company still has not received payments for the upcoming show, the report says.

However, on the website of the Moscow concert hall Crocus City Hall in the poster still appear Ramazzotti concerts, scheduled for 2 and 3 April 2016.