Media marketing estimated the effect of the operation in Syria to the Russian military industrial complex

Heavy multi-purpose fighter of the 4+ generation su-30 at the airport of the airbase “Hamim”, February 2016

Russia’s participation in the military operation in Syria has brought increased interest in its arms, “Kommersant-Money”. The edition, referring to “approximate” the expert estimates that the impact of the campaign against ISIS may lead to contracts worth around $6-7 billion (420-490 billion rubles), which will exceed the cost of the operation itself.

“In Syria we killed two birds with one stone, says he.— On the one hand, we have demonstrated the combat capabilities of the equipment, attracted the attention of customers — drove more than half of the available flight personnel in combat,” says the magazine’s source, related to military-technical cooperation with foreign States. According to him, now the potential buyers “are looking at” call to arms, which either is in service of the defense Ministry, or has already been bought by another country.

According to several military sources “Money”, after the start of operations in Syria, the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) has received a number of requests from other countries. Most foreign buyers are interested in airplanes. So, in December of 2015 from Algeria has applied for 12 su-32 (export version of su-34), learned edition. The first batch of aircraft can cost Algeria $500-600 million. in addition, there is an option for the purchase of 6-12 bombers.

Algeria has also requested that one fighter su-35S for testing at the site Tamanrasset. The interlocutors “Money” claims that the tested sample met the Algerian side, and in the near future can begin pre-contract negotiations to buy at least ten of these aircraft. Their cost is estimated at about $850-900 million With Algeria also signed an agreement for the supply of 40 combat helicopters Mi-28NE, this contract is estimated at $600-700 million

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The su-35 is also interested in Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan. In the case of the Jakarta and Hanoi we are talking about contacts worth more than $1 billion Pakistan will likely purchase fewer cars. According to interlocutors “Money”, such a transaction valued at approximately $500 million.

The magazine also writes about the possible sale to other countries of helicopters Ka-52 “alligator”, T-90 tanks and air defense systems s-400, which is interested in the army of Saudi Arabia and India. In these cases, speech can go about purchase of four to six battalions With-400 — the contract can bring $2-3 billion, depending on the number of installations.

In conversation with “money” the Deputy Director of the Centre for analysis of strategies and technologies Konstantin Makienko has recognized the surge of interest in Russian products. Thus, according to him, “while in the form of solid contracts is not revealed”.

The operation in Syria could bring Russia up to $7 billion from the sale of weapons
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In mid-March the Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Syria “the most severe, the most severe” test of Russian weapons. According to him, the armament of the “honorably passed the test, and not on training grounds and in a real environment, in combat”. He also pointed out that the campaign has required and certain costs, but most of them were defense resources. So, the 33 billion roubles were budgeted agencies to conduct exercises and training and redirected to the security groups in Syria.

In December the head of state pointed out that the operation is “the best” teachings for the Russian military. “The best teaching is hard to imagine. We are, in principle, long enough to train without significant damage to our budget,” Putin said.

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As follows from the latest report of the Stockholm international Institute of peace studies (SIPRI), Russian arms exports to Europe over the past five years has increased by 264%. In General, Russia has retained second place in the world on gun sales.

That the demand for Russian weapons on the background operations of Russia in Syria has grown, in February, said the Russian presidential aide on military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin. “Everyone can see what we used, what we got flies, where it flies. For vehicles with systems “Calibre” now, turn” — said Kozhin, refusing to speak, signed any new contracts.