The third member of the terror attack in Brussels was an independent journalist

Police patrols in Brussels

As reported by Belgian newspaper Le Soir, was a suspect Faisal the Audience. The day before he was detained by the police, and on Saturday morning he was charged with participation in a terrorist group, committing terrorist acts, murders and attempted murders.

To calculate the terrorist, according to the newspaper, was possible thanks to the taxi driver, who drove to the Front and the other two perpetrators of the terrorist attack at the airport. On the surveillance cameras police found the entire route to the Front from his home to the place where he hailed a taxi.

In the place of residence of the suspect searched, however, of weapons or explosives there could not be found.

Faisal the Audience was considered as an independent journalist, working in particular for the Journal du Musulman. In particular, he noted last year the investigation, which talked about the Moroccan prisoners, who are behind bars do not allow you to eat according to the rules of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Three explosions in Brussels occurred on the morning of 22 March. As a result of terrorist attacks killed more than 30 people, wounds of varying severity’ve got about 300. Among victims — citizens of 40 States. Responsibility for the attack took on the extremist group “Islamic state”, is banned in many countries, including Russia and Britain.

Later it became known that two suicide bombers at the Brussels airport were the three brothers of al-Batrawi that long before the terrorist attacks was listed in the American list of terrorism suspects

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Explosions in Brussels

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