Lighted Elevator fell into the pit houses in the North of Moscow

In the house №4 on the street Konenkov in the North of Moscow there was a fire in the Elevator shaft. It is reported by the capital Department of the Ministry.

The report said that information about the fire was received in the Moscow control centre of crisis situations on Saturday, March 26, at 22:01. The Ministry said that firefighters arrived on the scene at 22:04. They found that in the mine of Elevator burning trash and the Elevator. The fire area was 9 square meters. 22:18 the fire was extinguished.

Data on casualties in the service were reported, said the rescue Agency.

As reported “Interfax” source in emergency services, fire Elevator fell into the pit when moving between the sixth and seventh floors of the house. In a press-service of a capital Central Board of the Ministry of emergencies, the Agency confirmed that lighted up the Elevator fell into the pit.

In January 2016 in the Moscow residential complex “Scarlet sails” fell into the Elevator shaft. As a result two persons were lost. Was first discovered the girl’s body, then in the Elevator shaft found the corpse of a man. As it became known later, the deceased girl was the daughter of the TV presenter Evgenia Kochergina. In fact the incident a criminal case was opened under part 2 of article 238 of the RF criminal code (provision of works that do not meet safety requirements).

In December last year as a result of falling in the Elevator of an apartment block in southwestern Moscow killed an infant. The tragedy occurred at a time when a couple with a child in a wheelchair was getting on the Elevator. The cable broke, the Elevator doors squeezed a baby carriage. The child died from his injuries.