The investigative Committee has told about the illegal purchase of Yukos in 1996

Ex-head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky

TFR investigators collect evidence about illegal acquisition of YUKOS oil company to its shareholders and is nearing completion of this work, reported TFR spokesman Vladimir Markin, the radio station “Vesti FM”.

“This is a case which can be described by the words: know everything, but can’t prove it. This is the case, when everyone knew, but investigators are working in this direction and are already close to proof that this was actually the case,” said Markin (the citation on “Interfax”).

The representative of the TFR also expressed the view that the former co-owner of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky “has not been paid for the purchase of shares of the company’s dime”. According to Markin, the investigators already have “evidence in the form of documents” that YUKOS was illegally acquired.

“Associates that YUKOS is a company created by Khodorkovsky, from scratch, from zero. However, this state-owned company, which was an acronym for “Yuganskneftegaz” and “Kuibyshevnefteorgsintez”. Hence the abbreviation. It was sold during shares auctions in 1996. A decree on competition was signed by a great friend of the Russian people Alfred Koch. If you don’t mind, can you tell”, — said Markin.

He recalled that the purchase of Yukos applied for by two companies — “Laguna” and “Mont Blanc”. “Your attempt to submit this contest entities “Inkombank” was quickly rejected, the Bank were allegedly found some violations that result in the two companies, which belonged to Khodorkovsky,” — said Markin.

Wednesday, March 23, the source of “Interfax” reported that in the course of further investigation, law enforcement agencies received evidence that the former owners of YUKOS have become its shareholders through fraud. This implies that foreign legal entities, backed by former top executives of the oil company, had no legal grounds for claims on Russia at $50 billion.

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The source did not rule out the possibility that investigators obtained evidence will serve as a basis for any new charges against Mikhail Khodorkovsky and other former Yukos co-owner and trial.

In early March, RBC wrote that Russia gave the legal team of former Yukos shareholders, the original version of restra the shareholders of the company, seized by investigators, the company “M-the Register” in July 2003. His analysis proves that the plaintiffs, otsudila Russia has $50 billion in the Hague, received the shares of Yukos and illegally concealed from arbitration of the Russian nationality of the investors, claimed the Russian lawyers. If not fraud by the claimants who concealed that they are just “front companies belonging to Russian citizens”, the Hague arbitration even would have recognized that jurisdiction to consider the dispute in the framework of the international Energy Charter Treaty, the Russian defense.