Malaysian authorities discovered 100 Chinese boats in its waters

About 100 Chinese boats intruded into the waters of Malaysia in the South China sea, the waters of which is in dispute between the two countries. It is reported by the State news Agency of Malaysia Bernama, citing the Minister of national security of the country Shahidan Kassim, reports Reuters.

He said that the district where the court, were sent to force the Navy to monitor the situation. The Minister added that Malaysia will use legal measures if Chinese ships violate the exclusive economic zone.

The representative of the foreign Ministry of China Hong Lei, commenting the words of Malaysian Minister said that “did not understand the details” of this statement. “I want to note that currently in the South China sea fishing season… this time of year every year Chinese trawlers come into these waters and carry out normal fishing activities, he said.

Earlier this week, Indonesia has protested to China in connection with the incident involving the Indonesian patrol boat, the Chinese coast guard and fishing vessels, which, according to Indonesia, broke her water.

China claims that most of the waters of the South China sea belongs to him, at the same time, this part of the area claimed by Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.