Bloomberg found out about a possible postponement of the placement of Russian Eurobonds

Russia may delay the sale of Eurobonds worth $3 billion, because it can not find the organizer because of the pressure the US and European banks, said on Friday Agency Bloomberg with reference to high-ranking officials.

The news Agency believes it is unlikely that the banks-organizers of placing will be appointed before the end of March, according to Bloomberg. Russia has sent proposals to about 20 leading banks, but have been unable to find an interested Bank, which would be quite large and could become the main arranger of the issue, said one of the sources. According to him, Russian officials doubt that the placement would successfully lead the Chinese banks. The pressure on US banks and EU authorities were stronger than expected by the Kremlin, said the official.

According to the second interlocutor of the Agency, interest in the release of only two Western banks. On what exactly banks in question, he did not specify.