The media learned the name of the party “Right cause”

Authorized under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights, Chairman of the party “Right cause” Boris Titov

Party “Right cause” that business Ombudsman Boris Titov is going to lead to elections in the state Duma, will be renamed the “Party of growth”, announced the newspaper “Vedomosti” citing a source close to the leadership of the party, and a member of its General Council. According to interlocutors of the edition, the new name is supposed to be approved at the party Congress on March 26.

Boris Titov confirmed that on Saturday approved the new name and symbols the party, but to comment on the details he refused.

“The new name should reflect the essence of the moment, it must call ahead,” said Titov. According to him, the choice was a lot of work involving focus groups with marketers and political scientists. “Any name is a thing very vulnerable because, say, the Internet can use [name] not in fact, and cling to it — Troll” — he explained.

According to Titov, the new visuals for party was created by British designer Michael Wolff, who worked on brands for Shell, BP and for the labour party in the UK.

Titov also told about the budget of the campaign “business party”. According to him, it is about “several hundreds millions roubles”. The party already has the support of business and “agreement”, is created crowdfunding, Titov said. According to him, businessmen willingly offer financial assistance. The party considers such proposals, but not everyone agrees, said the Ombudsman.

“But we are not asking anyone else, anyone with any requests not addressed. If there is a voluntary desire, then we would certainly consider the proposals,” he concluded.

In an interview with “Vedomosti” Titov also called the possible cause of failure of the billionaire Oleg Deripaska from membership in the General Council of the party. “I think he saw the great reaction of the press after publication, in which regions he has plants, i.e. he immediately plunged into the political process and, perhaps, suddenly realized that this is a rather complex topic which can impact many kinds of relations. Therefore, I presume, he thought that, most likely, today it is better to refrain from direct entry into the General Council,” — said Titov. On the question of whether the decision Deripaska to influence the Kremlin, the Ombudsman noticed that this version is “the demonization” of the Kremlin.

Right cause was created in 2008 on the basis of the parties “Civil force”, “Democratic party of Russia and Union of right forces”. Boris Titov became the Chairman of the party in February. Titov said earlier that he expected that the elections to the state Duma the party manages to overcome the five percent barrier.

“There comes a time when everyone is starting to feel the crisis on their wallets. Everyone understands that in the next few years will not be better. The party that thinks only about what is happening today is not so good. And there is a need for political ideas. And people are starting to look for some solutions, I think, where to go — left or right. So now need a party that will say: we need to keep running to the right to go into business, competition, market economy, and not backward,” said Titov in an interview with RBC.