With air bases in Syria flew 160 Russian military

160 Russian soldiers flew on a military transport aircraft Il-76 air force base Hamim in Syria, they are sent to Russia, RIA Novosti reported from the scene.

We are talking about war, carrying out work on the refueling and resupply of fuel and water, the resupply of aircraft munitions, food supply and cooking of food, as well as the tasks of bathing and Laundry services, equipment maintenance and communications of the airbase.

In a press-service of the Ministry of defense said that the plane on Wednesday evening to arrive at one of the airfields of the Central military district. In addition to Il-76 from the air base also flew the aircraft of the military transport aircraft An-124 “Ruslan”, which will take different equipment and three helicopters Mi-35.

The return of the military in Russia was made in connection with the withdrawal of troops from Syria. On 14 March, President Vladimir Putin stated that “the objectives of the Ministry of defence, on the whole fulfilled.” Meanwhile, Russia will retain a presence in Syria after the withdrawal of the main part of the troops. Moscow will increase its military presence in the Arab Republic for a matter of hours, noted the President, however, according to him, the authorities “didn’t want to do that”, as “military escalation is not our choice”.