The Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow strengthened security measures in connection with the terrorist attacks in Brussels

Moscow police has strengthened the work on counter-terrorism because of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. The journalists said the head of the capital Department of internal Affairs Anatoly Yakunin, transfers “RIA Novosti”.

“In September 2015, after the beginning of the active phase of fight against the terrorist group in Syria, Moscow has significantly increased the level of terrorist threat. Were strengthened patrol outfits, worked out of a place of stay of foreign citizens… considering yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Belgium, we resumed the work,” — said Yakunin.

The attacks in Brussels on 22 March. Two explosions thundered at the airport of the Belgian capital, one at the metro station “Maelbeek”. The victims of the attacks was 31 people, and another 250 were injured. Responsibility for attack was assumed by “the Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

Belgian police have identified the two suicide bombers who detonated bombs at the airport. They were brothers Khalid and Brahim El Bachraoui living in Brussels. They were wanted on suspicion of involvement in a criminal group. According to the interior Ministry of Belgium, the brothers were linked to detained several days ago by Salah Abdessalam involved in the terrorist attacks in Paris in November last year.

Russia began operation in Syria on September 30. In March, President Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of the main forces from Syria.

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Explosions in Brussels

On the morning of 22 March at the Brussels airport in Zaventem were two explosions. According to preliminary information, the explosive devices were detonated in the reception area of the airport. Two hours later the explosion occurred…

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