The court arrested three pillars of the Kerch bridge of the ship

The owner of the Turkish cargo ship “Lyra”, that damaged support construction work of the bridge in the Kerch Strait, Maritime filed a claim for damages. About it “RIA Novosti” reported in the Federal Agency of Maritime and river transport (Rosmorrechflot).

According to the merchant shipping Code of Russia, the marine demand is the demand associated, including damage to the vessel operation.

In addition, in the message of Rosmorrechflot says that the Arbitration court of Rostov region has imposed on the cargo ship arrest and banned to be released from the port of Taganrog, where the vessel was detained on 20 March. Then port officials inspected the ship and found on Board traces of fresh paint, which tried to disguise the signs of a collision. Arrest necessary

The Ministry said that according to a judicial writ, the company “SGM-Bridge”, which builds a bridge across the Kerch Strait, have until April 14, 2016 to provide evidence of the filing of the complaint in which the court prohibited the vessel’s departure from port.

On the morning of 23 March it became known that late on the evening of March 19, Turkuaz-owned Shipping Corp. the cargo ship, which was ruled by a Turkish national, had destroyed one of the pillars being built between the island of Tuzla and the fairway bridge and damaged two more. The ship went under the flag of Panama.

As evidenced by the transcript of the negotiations managers with the vessel, the captain of the Turkish cargo ship has repeatedly warned about the violation of the course and the possibility of collision with the under construction bridge.