Police found in Brussels, one loaded with nails bomb

During police raids in Brussels, it was discovered another explosive device filled with nails. This was announced by the Belgian Prosecutor’s office, reports Sky News.

The explosives were found during a search of one of the apartments, made hours after the terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital. “Investigators also found chemicals and the flag of the “Islamic state”, — reads the statement of the Federal Prosecutor’s office.

Explosions in Brussels occurred on the morning of 22 March. First two explosions occurred at the airport of the Belgian capital, one at the metro station “Maelbeek”. As a result, according to the latest data, has killed more than 30 people. At least 20 killed in metro and 11 people at the airport.

Responsibility for the attacks was assumed banned in Russia terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS). As reported by the source Agency AP in the Iraqi intelligence, ISIS terrorists in the Syrian city of raqqa in the past two months were planning attacks in airports and railway stations in Europe.