Interpol was searching for exploded in Belgium of the suicide bomber

On the wanted list of Interpol was 27-year-old Khalid El-Batrawi, who is suspected in the terrorist attack at the metro station “Maalbeek” in the centre of Brussels. Information about this is available on the official website of the international organization.

Card El Batrawi notes that he was born in 1989. He had the Belgian nationality and the Bahamas, knew Arabic and French. According to the relevant column, El Batrawi was suspected of terrorist activities.

According to the newspaper The New York Times, El Batrawi was wanted from August 2015. The publication writes that his brother Brahim was not listed in the Interpol database.

On 22 March in Brussels has been a series of terrorist attacks. So, at the airport Zaventem were two explosions, one of which is arranged Brahim El Bachraoui. Later in the underground blew themselves up Khalid El-Batrawi. As a result of terrorist attacks killed more than 30 people, 250 were injured. Responsibility for what happened took over, not a terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

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Explosions in Brussels

On the morning of 22 March at the Brussels airport in Zaventem were two explosions. According to preliminary information, the explosive devices were detonated in the reception area of the airport. Two hours later the explosion occurred…

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