Clinton lost the Caucuses of Democrats in Utah

At the Caucus meetings of the Democratic party in the U.S. state of Utah was won by the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, he lost to former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The result of the voting leads Real Clear Politics. The victory Sanders also reports Associated Press.

According to the results of counting 15% of the vote Sanders gaining 74.2 percent, while Clinton was only 25%. Thus, Sanders gets 18 delegates from Utah, and Clinton — five.

Among Republicans in Utah it is estimated 10%, leading Senator from Texas Ted Cruz (67.3 per cent). Behind him is the Governor of Ohio John following keysik (17.5 per cent). The favorite in the presidential race, billionaire Donald trump only in third place — he, according to available data, 15.2% of votes.

Clinton won today in Sanders Arizona. After scoring 62% of the votes it picks up to 59.4% (40 delegates), and Sanders of 38.1% (16 delegates).

The Republicans in Arizona trump wins (47%). In this state, the party has a system of “Winner takes all”, so all 58 delegates from Arizona to the Congress of the party will send it the trump.

Democrats today also hold Caucuses in Idaho, but their results are not yet known.

For the Democratic party nomination a candidate must win the votes of delegates 2382. While Clinton has received 1164 delegates, and Sanders — 847. At the same time, former Secretary of state has secured 467 votes superdelegates — highest party functionaries, who can vote, not aware of the outcome of primary elections in the States (Sanders only 26). Thus, the total number of delegates Clinton leads by a significant margin — 1675 against 904.

Among the Republicans who to nominate need 1237 delegates, wins the trump. It following the results of voting in 32 States 739 delegates, Cruz — 425, Kasica — 143.