The Ministry of transport has allowed the resumption of flights to Egypt after yet another check

Russia sees no political obstacles to the resumption of flights to Egypt, it needs another inspection, said on air of TV channel “Russia 24” the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

“Understand that you want to rediscover these directions, and, in General, the political obstacles to this no no. But we are waiting for confirmation that all of these requirements [for security] is executed, after which the group of experts will leave into place, will check as actually fulfilled these requirements, and this validation is very thorough and not short term, after which it can be prepared the decision to resume air links with Egypt, which must be approved by the country’s leadership,” said Sokolov (quoted by “Interfax”).

With the resumption of flights in Egyptian airports also will be experts on aviation safety, said Sokolov. Now Moscow is preparing an intergovernmental agreement with Cairo. There will be information about “how and on what terms will work with our professionals in the future.”

On 16 March the foreign Minister of Egypt Sameh shoukry said that Egypt has taken “tough measures” to improve security at airports and on all international flights. In response, the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that both countries can agree on new security rules for flights in a short time, after which the resumption of direct flights will not take much time.

Russia has suspended flights to Egypt in November 2015. It happened after the terrorist attack on Board an Airbus A321 on October 31. The liner, EN route from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed in the sky over the Sinai Peninsula. On Board were 224 people, they all died. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the banned in Russia “Islamic state”.