The media called the frozen Elevator a possible cause of the crash Boeing

Boeing 737-800 flydubai, crashed at the airport in Rostov-on-don, could fall because of a frozen pitch. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, citing a source familiar with the investigation.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, the pilot tried to “pull” the plane, but they did not have enough time and energy to shift on the wheel. Most likely, the steering wheel just froze, the source said.

The Elevator allows you to operate the vessel relative to the transverse axis. It’s usually part of tail-plane.

The liner crashed on the night of Saturday. On Board were 55 passengers and seven crew members. They all died.

After the crash, the Investigative Committee (IC) said the main versions of the occurred error of the pilots, bad weather and technical fault.

Later TASS citing a source, reported that investigators were able to recreate the picture of the crash. At the second landing the pilot of the ship at some point has to go on the third circle, said the Agency interlocutor. However, according to him, at an altitude of approximately 900 meters at a speed over 400 kilometers per hour, the aircraft banked to the left side and almost vertically crashed into the ground. After that, he exploded and caught fire.

The interstate aviation Committee managed to receive data from the parametric flight recorder Boeing. He worked until the collision with the ground, the quality of the information on this “black box” is good, said MACK. However, the sound recorder was seriously damaged — he destroyed the cable.