The General Director of TV channel STS has left the company

At the office of the company “STS Media”

The General Director of TV channel STS Elmira Makhmutova leaves the holding CTC Media, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”. Information about the care the publication confirmed itself Makhmutova, as well as CTC Media CEO Yuliana Slaschova.

She explained to the publication that since March 9 is not managing its. “It’s a mutual decision. I received an attractive offer from another company. I’m so glad I left the channel at the moment when his audience is growing again. We had a difficult year, but we went from the peak”, — the newspaper quotes her words. Slaschova to comment on the reasons for leaving pahmutovoy refused.

With reference to the head of a major production company and two employees of CTC Media, the magazine says that possible reasons for leaving pahmutovoj. The two interlocutors are confident that her care is associated with lower ratings of CCC last year. The third interviewee stressed that the channel rankings this year are growing, but the holding management yet considered that mahmutbey no clear strategy to further increase audience and development of STS.

Two companion publications in CTC Media said that after leaving pahmutovoy management of STS is temporarily divided between Slaschova and Executive producer of Blank holding Face (is also the CEO of channel “Home” and CTC Love). Now, according to sources, the company is looking for a new head of the CTC.

Elvira Makhmutova served as CEO of CTC from 1 January 2015, replacing the post Vyacheslav murugova. Prior to this she was Deputy Director General of CTC Media for strategic marketing.