Released on video killed the driver tried to crush a police officer

REN-TV has published video of the incident in the Krasnogorsk district near Moscow, in which police shot and killed the driver of the car. It is posted on the website of the TV channel.

The video shows how a police car with its lights flashing chasing of the vases. Thus goes after them another car — a foreign car.

At some point the pursued vehicle is stopped, approached the police, after which the vases sharply reverses. On the next frame shows that the policeman runs after trying to escape the machine and holds out her hand.

The WHA does not go directly to the police, and turns sharply in front of him and disappears out of frame. “When the man on the Vase sent the car to the police, the guard used a service weapon,” writes REN TV, repeating the official version, but the footage is not visible.

On one of the fragments of the video shows that the third car — car — collides with the police car.

Earlier, the source of “Interfax” in law enforcement told me that about 1:10 to 71 km ring road patrol police noticed a woman who offered sexual services to the drivers. Trying to hide from the police, the woman sat down in the car VAZ-2109, the driver of which took her to the Parking lot of the shopping center in the village of Putilkovo. There the car was locked, but the police car drove left from the Parking lot of the Nissan Quashqai. When the police officer got out of the car to assess the damage, the driver of VAZ-2109 attempted to escape, came to him.

Police fired one shot from his service weapon, which the suspect, 40-year-old resident of Khimki, died at the scene. The woman managed to escape.

The official representative of the Moscow Department of the TFR Olga Brady said “Газете.Ru” that at the moment of the incident only know from the words of the gunman. He claims he shot at the tires to stop the car, but hit the driver’s door. The man was shot in the chest.

Previously, GSU SKR across the Moscow region reported that, according to preliminary data, in the night from Sunday to Monday in the Parking lot near the shopping center “Kuhnian” in the village Putilkovo policeman approached the car to check the driver’s documents. The “not wanting to show documents”, “attempted to escape, and has written a moving vehicle directly at the police”. The militiaman has used a service weapon “for the purpose of suppression of illegal actions”, noted the Agency.