“Night hockey League” Putin changed the owner due to money problems

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin takes part in the match between the combined team of Champions Night hockey League (NHL) and the national Board and honorary guests of the Night hockey League (NHL), October 2015

The organization of Amateur hockey “Night hockey League” (NHL) changed the founder and Chairman of the Board, reported today by the press service of the League. The sole owner of the NHL was a group of “Novorossiysk sea trading port” (NMTP), the main owners of which are state-owned Transneft and Summa group billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov. Since 2012, according to the data SPARK, owners of LLC “NHL” were two veterans of the Soviet hockey Alexander Yakushev and Alexander Kozhevnikov and Executive Director of the League Alexander Tretiak and football sports Director “Dynamo” Guram Agoev.

Famous hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov also resigned as Chairman of the Board of the League. His place was taken by older brother of Ziyavudin Magomedov.

“I fulfilled its mission, RBC Fetisov. Now new people came and appointed a new person to this position”. He suggested that his departure as Chairman of the Board, which he called “nominal,” would be to have more managerial influence.

Night hockey League — official Association Amateur hockey clubs in Russia, organizing annual competitions in analogy with the Championships for professional teams. The main difference is that the games are held at night. The League was created in 2011 on the initiative of Vladimir Putin. In the framework of the NHL play in Russia 714 68 teams in the regions, the winning team gets the right to build in the city budget and the ice rink. The key event in the framework of the NHL is the national festival of Amateur teams in the final of which on the ice with the winners of the matches goes, President Vladimir Putin, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, billionaires Arkady and Boris Rotenberg. According to the NHL website, April 10, Putin will participate in the gala match NHL in Sochi.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov did not answer the question RBC about did the President question the sponsorship of the League from Magomedov.

New sponsor

Become the only founder of the League was decided by a group of NCSP, said RBC head of the Department on public relations of the Night hockey League Igor Kakurin. Director of public relations NCSP Christine Senko said that the group “has always attached great importance to the development of projects in the field of sports,” and hopes that “participation in the development of Night hockey League will be to promote Amateur hockey.”

Changes in the founders and the leaders of the NHL “obviously” linked to the financial problems of the League, told RBC Kakurin: problems related to the lack of the League of “proper funding in due course”. “The League, signing contracts with contractors could not pay them on time”, he said.

For the first time about the financial difficulties the League announced in mid-February: February 18, on the official website published a message stating that “the situation is very serious”, the national festival under threat and the NHL is looking for a sponsor. On 26 February the Executive Director of the NHL Alexander Tretiak said the Agency “R-Sport” on the negotiations between the NHL, the ice hockey Federation of Russia, the Kontinental hockey League and the NCSP. On the same day on the official website appeared a new message: the labor collective has complained to Vladimir Putin that the sponsor with whom the negotiations, wants, in essence, to seize power in the NHL: “the sponsor doesn’t want to be a sponsor, he wants to become the owner of a Night League”, — stated in the treatment team. “This is evidenced today by the NHL’s founders are Board members, and they, as we know, offered to forego Foundation in favor of future sponsors”. (From the NHL this letter has already been removed. But a copy remained on the websites of the regional offices of the League and news resources.)

The representative of Transneft declined to comment on the issues associated with the NHL. The representative of the “Sum” only said that “with the advent of the NCSP as the founder of the organizational structure and staffing of the NHL will remain at 90%”.

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“Everyone wants to sponsor the League, where the President plays”

Now to Fund the hockey League “as the founder” will only NCSP, said the representative “the Sums” and was confirmed by a representative of the NHL. Funding the interlocutors RBC did not disclose.

Until recently, according to the NHL website, the official sponsors of the League was the Bank “Ugra” and the company “Komus” which produces stationery. According to a source in one of these companies, sponsorship fee ranged from 45 million to 80 million rubles a year. The source complains that they “created-created the [NHL], and now everyone wants to sponsor the League, where he plays the President.”

The Bank “Ugra” has never been a shortfall in the funding of the activities of the NHL, says the official representative of the Bank. He said that “Ugra” is going to sponsor the activities of the League. Press-service of company “Komus” has not responded to calls from RBC.

The Night hockey League has two legal entities — the eponymous non-profit partnership and LLC. According to SPARK, NP on revenue of 11.3 million rubles. ended 2014 with a net profit under RAS in 549 thousand rubles, LLC “NHL” in 2014 reported revenues 133,8 million rubles and net profit of 111 thousand rubles-profit partnership receives funding from the President addressed to the civil society development: over the past few years our sister company “the Board of judges of hockey” won three grants with a total amount of 57 million rubles.

The main event of the year for the NHL all — Russian festival of hockey among fans in Sochi, with the participation of Putin in 2016 must pass from April 27 to may 11. The cost of the final tournament in 2016 divided, according to the regulations, between the Ministry of sports of Russia (financing the conduct of the competition from the Federal budget), Krasnodar territory (allocates four cars “first aid”), regional budgets (funding the travel teams in Sochi) and the NHL (responsible for resettlement, power players, etc.).

The group brings together NCSP Novorossiysk commercial sea port, Primorsk commercial port, Novorossiysk grain terminal, Novorossiysk shipyard and other assets. Revenue for the first nine months of 2015 was $654,7 million, net profit of $156.5 million Major shareholders — Novoport Holding (50.1% of JV “Sum” and “Transneft” on an equal footing) and Rosimushchestvo (20%). The company is listed on the London and Moscow stock exchanges. The capitalization of the company in London is 741,3 million pounds (in Moscow — 72.2 billion roubles)

Main directions of business “Amount” — transport and logistics. With the “Transneft” group on a parity basis, holds a 50.1% stake in NCSP (plus 2,75% belongs to “the Amount” directly). “Money” also belongs to 32.5% of Fesco transportation group. In addition, the group Magomedov owns 50% minus one share in United grain company (UGC), as well as controlling oil and gas YATEK. The group owns the engineering company “Transengineering” contractors “Globalelectroservice”, Stroynovatsiya, a construction management company “Intex” and the operator “the Sum a Telecom”. Financial performance the Amount is not disclosed.

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