MAC copied the information off the cockpit voice recorder of the crashed Boeing

The interstate aviation Committee (IAC) finished works on the copy information from the cockpit voice recorder of the Boeing 737-800, which crashed in the airport of Rostov-on-don on the night of March 19. This is stated on the website of the MAC.

“Copied all the registered details up to the collision with the ground. The recording quality is good. Specialists have started to analyze the data and transcription — “the statement” crew talks”, — stated in the MAC.

Experts are working on deciphering, analysis and synchronization information from flight recorders, ATS data and meteorological data.

In addition, the Commission for the investigation of the incident has completed work at the crash site and initiated the preparation of “display” collected fragments of Boeing. Experts collect and analyze materials on aircraft airworthiness, flight preparation and crew training.

Previously Deputy head of IAC Sergey Zayko said that the Committee was able to receive data from the parametric flight recorder Boeing. Sound recorder, as noted by Zayko, sustained serious damage — it destroyed the cable. Work on its restoration was resumed in the morning on Monday.

On a wrecked plane, which was owned by the airline flydubai, there were 55 passengers and seven crew members. They all died. After the crash, the Investigative Committee (IC) said the main versions of the occurred error of the pilots, bad weather and technical fault.

Investigators, as reported TASS, managed to recreate the picture of the fall of the liner. At the second landing the pilot at some point has to go on the third circle, said the Agency interlocutor. However, according to him, at an altitude of approximately 900 meters at a speed over 400 kilometers per hour, the aircraft banked to the left side and almost vertically crashed into the ground. After that, he exploded and caught fire.