Khodorkovsky will support the elections in Dagestan the author of a book about suicide bombers

The project of Mikhail Khodorkovsky “Open elections” will support on elections in Dagestan the journalist and the author of the book “Brides of Allah” the Yulia Yuzik. About it the Yuzik told the TV channel “Rain”.

She explained that her desire to move forward in Dagestan due to the fact that she’s been working in the region and knows it better than any other. “When you’re a journalist and work in the Caucasus, you want to help those who live there. But it was always so that you both yourself and these people, opposed the authorities, state institutions. And all of it was bad,” said Yuzik. According to her, she decided to change something without criticizing the power, and the attempt to “do something”.

The yuzik remembered that in Dagestan “United Russia” types on elections is usually more than 90% of the vote. “But I have a feeling that this election would be different. Candidates Khodorkovsky and “Parnassus” go to the polls, this sounds implausible, to believe that a few years ago was impossible. So I guess our tolerance to the election is already warming environment,” she said to Vedomosti.

In its election program – the need for a secular alternative to the region and the creation in Dagestan of a logistics center in southern Russia, lobbied for the construction of the Avar-Kakhetian road, bet on the development of small businesses, the development of farming and tourism.

The newspaper reminds that only “Open Russia” is going to support 20 candidates. Among them is the human rights coordinator of the project “Open Russia” Maria Baronova, employees “Open Russia” in St. Petersburg and chairmen of St. Petersburg branch of the “Parnassus” Gryaznevich Natalia and Andrei Pivovarov, the head of Novosibirsk branch “Parnassus” Egor Savin, member of “Fair Russia” Olga zakova. “Open Russia” is going to provide them with organizational support in the elections. Most of these candidates will go with the support of the party “Parnas”, so as not to collect signatures.

Yuzik the book “Brides of Allah” tells the story of female suicide bombers, exploded in Russia.