The foreign Ministry of Belgium informed about the plans of Abdeslam to arrange new attacks from Brussels

Suspect in organizing terrorist attacks in Paris Salah Abdeslam during interrogation said that he was planning new attacks from Brussels. This was stated by the foreign Minister of Belgium Didier Reynders, the Associated Press reports.

According to the Minister, “Abdesslam said that he was ready again to start from Brussels, and maybe this is true”. Reynders noted that this statement of authority to be taken seriously, because during the investigation into the Paris terrorist attacks at Abdeslam found a lot of weapons. In addition, investigators were able to locate in Brussels “network of people” that go along with it.

Reynders explained that intelligence agencies failed to detect more than 30 people who could be linked to terrorist attacks in Paris. However, in his opinion, there is a possibility that their number may increase. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Belgium also called for the exploration of European countries, law enforcement and border services to improve information exchange, to neutralize all the participants of the Paris terrorist attacks.

At the same time the lawyer of Abdeslam Sven Marie on air television and radio broadcasting company RTBF has said that he intends to sue the Prosecutor of Paris Francois Molins. According to him, Molins during the press conference violated the secrecy of the investigation. Yesterday the Prosecutor said that Abdeslam had intended to blow himself up at the stadium “Stade de France”, but changed my mind.

However, according to the AP, representative of the Paris Prosecutor’s office said that the French law allows prosecutors to announce some results of investigations.

Salah of Abdeslam and five other people were detained in the Brussels district of Molenbeek in the evening on Friday. He is charged with terrorism.

A series of terrorist attacks in Paris took place on 13 November. As a result of the incident killed 130 people. Three of the attackers detonated suicide bombs at the “Stade de France”, which hosted the football match between France and Germany. Another group of terrorists attacked a cafe and restaurants. Three militants took hostages in the concert hall “Bataclan”, where took place the concert of the band Eagles of Death Metal.