Patriarch Kirill urges to protect Orthodoxy from “the right choice”

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill

As Kirill said after the Liturgy in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, in modern times a universal criterion of truth became man and his rights. “And began the revolutionary expulsion of God from human life, from the life of society”, — quotes the Patriarch “Interfax”. According to him, this movement first swept Western Europe, America, and then Russia.

Cyril said that the full force of his protection, the Church needs to address the heresy of chelovechestva, the consequences of which can have an apocalyptic event. “We must protect the Orthodoxy”, he said.

“We see that efforts are being made in many prosperous countries by law the right to approve of any choice, including the most sinful, contrary to God’s word, with the concept of Holiness with the notion of God,” said Cyril. According to him, to fight global heresy need believers like the apostles to go forth and preach.

In December last year, Kirill said that the performance of the group Pussy Riot in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was “check by fight” on the part of those who believed that “Orthodox believers can endure.”