Nazarbayev explained the victory of his party in the elections of the people’s trust

Kazakhstan confirmed their confidence in the course of the state, voting in the parliamentary elections for the presidential party “Nur Otan”, have confirmed their confidence in the course of the state. This opinion was expressed by the President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev after the announcement of results of exit polls, TV channel

“The people once again had confidence in the course that we run, the programmes and platforms that announced the “Nur Otan”, the credibility of the five reforms, we have told and all programs and platforms that offered “Nur Otan” at this time,” he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

“The task before us is very difficult. And this victory is the confidence of the people. Look at 82%. What party in the world could ever dream of such indicators”, — said the head of the Republic.

Early parliamentary elections were held in Kazakhstan on Sunday. According to the national actipole by the Kazakhstan “Institute of democracy”, for the “Nur Otan” party voted 82% of voters, that 1% more than in previous elections, when it was supported by 80.9% of voters.

In addition, the entrance barrier was overcome by two more parties — the Communist people’s party of Kazakhstan, which was voted up 7.17% of the voters, and the party AK Zhol (“Bright path”), received the support of 7,22% of voters, reported the results at a briefing by the Institute’s Director Julia Kuchinskaya.