MAC was able to extract information from the “black box” of the crashed Boeing 737

At the crash site of a passenger plane Boeing-737-800 that crashed during landing at the airport of Rostov-on-don

Specialists of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) was able to obtain information from the flight data recorder parameters flight crashed in Rostov-on-don Boeing 737. Found that “black box” worked until the collision with the ground. This is stated in the statement of the Deputy head POPPY Sergey Zayko, submitted to the RBC.

“Parametric recorder uncovered, restored the destroyed cable, studied the memory module. Held up information it obtained”, — stated in the message.

The MAC noted that the quality of the information in this recorder is good. However, the sound recorder was seriously damaged — destroyed the cable. Now works on restoration of a recorder, they will resume on the morning of 21 March.

Yesterday Zayko reported strong damage to the recorders. “Both the Registrar have significant mechanical damage. Traces of fire are not revealed”, — he claimed.

As previously reported by the RIA Novosti news Agency referring to the representative the POPPY, the deciphering of “black boxes” will begin on Monday. It will bring together professionals from the UAE as the country of registration of the airline that operated the crashed Boeing and the U.S. as the country of manufacture of the aircraft. In addition, experts from France, where were made parts of the crashed liner.

The representative of the Committee noted that the deciphering of “black boxes” may take about a month.

Passenger aircraft of the airline flydubai has crashed in the airport of Rostov-on-don about 3:43 GMT, 19 March. On Board were 55 passengers and seven crew members — they all died. It was noted that the accident occurred after the commander of the crew decided to try a second time to put the liner. The first time the pilot tried to land the ship about 1:35 GMT, but he failed, and the plane went on the second circle.

Investigators are considering several causes of the crash: error in the actions of the flight crew, technical failure of the Board, challenging conditions and others. In fact the incident Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a case under part 3 St. 263 criminal code (violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons).

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The crashed Boeing 737-800 in Rostov-on-don

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