Kadyrov has offered to pay a fine for wearing a t-shirt with Putin footballer

The head of Chechnya and honorary President of FC “Terek” Ramzan Kadyrov has offered to pay any penalty for the player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov, who went on the field in a t-shirt with image of Vladimir Putin. The corresponding letter addressed to the President of “Locomotive” Olga Smorodskaya in his Instagram posted by the speaker of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov.

“Appreciating” the act Tarasova, Kadyrov made an offer “on the payment of any penalty” at the expense of “Terek”, the letter reads. In particular, the Chechen club was asked to pay a fine of €5 thousand, which is today, the player was ordered to pay UEFA.

For information on sending letter in an interview with “R-Sport”, confirmed the General Director “Terek” Ahmed aydamirov. “We respect the club, we have good relations with him. But we have expressed our position of honorary President, which we are ready [to pay fines], and sent the corresponding letter in the “locomotive”. We assessed the act Tarasova,” said aydamirov.

On 16 February after the match against Turkish “Fenerbahce” Tarasov, being in the field, removed his game Jersey and showed a t-shirt with the image of Putin and inscription “Most polite President.” Lokomotiv considered this act unacceptable and fined the player €300 thousand the Club also came under disciplinary investigation by UEFA, following which the player was punished by a fine of €5 thousand.

Tarasov, explaining his action, said that thus wanted to Express support for the President.

Kadyrov has previously expressed support for the act Tarasov. After the club decided to punish the player, the leader of Chechnya has offered to sell the player “Terek”. Kadyrov noted that Tarasov has done what is “worthy of real men!”. “So the football club “Terek” has decided that such a patriot of Russia cannot be left alone with their problems. “Terek” is ready to buy a player together with a penalty”, — says the head of Chechnya. Lokomotiv turned down the offer.