The German Embassy in Turkey was closed because of the threat of terrorist attack

Turkish police near the Embassy of Germany in Ankara

According to the publication Die Welt, due to the security risks were closed the German Embassy in Ankara, Consulate General, school and a kindergarten for employees ‘ children in Istanbul. In the message, which was circulated by the Embassy of Germany in Turkey, citizens are encouraged to avoid visiting the district of the Consulate General, which is not far from Taksim square.

According to Deutsche Welle, the German foreign Ministry explained that the precaution was due to the appearance of data on the potential threat, to verify that as yet. According to Bild, the warnings received by the Embassy staff, spoke about the threat of terrorist attacks in shopping center in Ankara.

In early January, 9 German nationals were killed in a suicide attack carried out by militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) on the area of Sultan Ahmet in Istanbul. The executor of the attack was the bomber, who arrived in Turkey from Syria.

Last weekend in the centre of Ankara there was a terrorist attack, which killed 37 people. Then in a lively area of the city exploded a car bomb. According to Turkish special services, one of the suspects in the attack was a girl who was a member of the Kurdistan workers ‘ party.

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