In a Zoological Park in Washington there was a chemical explosion

The explosion occurred at the Smithsonian national Zoological Park in Washington. Reported by ABC, with reference to representatives of Park.

As reported by NBC channel 4, presumably, the explosion occurred near one of the new sections of the zoo devoted to American wildlife (American Trail). At the zoo said that at present no casualties are reported. “Visitors, staff and animals were not injured. Currently, the employees of fire services of the district of Columbia are in place and are investigating the incident”, — is spoken in the message of the Park on Twitter.

It clarifies Associated Press, the representative of emergency services Timothy Wilson said that originally reported the explosion of chlorine.

At the same time, according to the local edition dcist with reference to the representative of the zoo Jennifer’s Zoom, calling the incident a chemical explosion is incorrect. “It’s not right to call the incident an explosion,” she said. “There was a loud “boom” but no fire, no smoke,” added Zoom. However, he confirmed that the incident is associated with chlorine, and it happened around sections with beavers and otters.

The American Trail section opened on 1 September 2012 after a major renovation, it contains beavers, seals, sea lions, eagles and other animals that live in North America.