The pharmacy of the state Duma has registered a sharp growth of demand for Meldonium

Drug Meldonium, sold under the brand name of “Mildronate”

After a doping scandal with the Russian athletes Meldonium, became his reason, in feverish demand in the retail kiosk of the state Duma, told “Interfax” employee of the pharmacy kiosk lower house of Parliament.

“Before, we ordered just one box of this drug, and now do not have time to deliver”, she said, adding that Wednesday was the last box is sold, and a new batch ordered on Friday.

An employee of the pharmacies agreed that the demand for the drug can be assessed as excessive. According to her, Meldonium become particularly often to ask, after the outbreak of the doping scandal.

The RBC employee of the pharmacy said that the package “Mildronata” (active ingredient Meldonium) is 323 RUB “for Years we laid one pack, and no one asked. Now the excessive demand, although the drug is available by prescription. Today only two packs were released, at the end,” she said. According to her, the pharmacy made a large order of the drug, but it all depends on how much you send from the Central pharmacy inventory.

In the state Duma is pharmacy polyclinic №1 of Department of presidential Affairs.

On 7 March at the press-conference of Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova announced that her doping samples, which she handed to the Australian Open in January, was discovered Meldonium. This drug was banned from 1 January 2016. Sharapova said that she used Meldonium for ten years and didn’t know he was in the prohibited list.

Subsequently, in the use of Meldonium caught a number of Russian athletes — skater Catherine Bobrov, skater Paul Kulizhnikov, short of Seeds Elistratova speed skater, volleyball player Alexander Markin, Edward Latypov biathlete, cyclist of Katusha team rider Eduard vorganov on occasion, as well as a member of the Russian national short track Ekaterina Konstantinova. According to the latest world anti-doping Agency (WADA), with the beginning of the year Meldonium detected in the blood is already 99 athletes worldwide.

The company Grindeks is a Latvian manufacturer of Meldonium was reported that the drug scandal has raised interest in him. “This kind of advertising only plays into the hands of our company”, — said the press Secretary of the company Ilze Gailite. He noted that to talk about a special increase trade prematurely, however “this product were more likely to ask how are we and in pharmacies”.

Meldonium was developed in the 1970-ies in Latvia. Originally used as a means to control growth of plants and stimulate growth of animals and poultry. In the 2000s, after clinical trials it was found to be effective for the prevention of coronary heart disease, improve brain blood circulation and has been used to treat abstinence syndrome in alcoholism. The drug is certified only in the countries of the former USSR, where is the free market.

The evaluation of one of its creators, Latvian pharmacologist Ivar Kalvinsh, taking it up to two million people, including athletes. He “protect the athletes in case of overload, when you start to kill heart cells and muscle cells.