In Lockheed Martin spoke on the development of laser weapons

The stand of Lockheed Martin at the international aerospace exhibition “Dubai Airshow-2015”

CEO of Lockheed Martin Marilyn Hewson at a press conference on March 15 spoke about the new developments of the company, including the creation of a supersonic jet, and laser weapons, reports the Financial Times.

According to Hewson, the company is on the verge of a technological breakthrough, which will allow you to create weapons systems that have been discussed for many years.

Supersonic aircraft, on which the company operates, will be able to reach speeds six times the speed of sound. The company plans to work on this project during the 2020-ies, the commissioning of the U.S. army is planned in 2030-ies. In Lockheed Martin noted that the price of supersonic aircraft will be available.”According to our estimates, it [supersonic aircraft] will cost less than $ 1 billion”, — said the Executive Director of the company.

Laser weapons, a development which brings the company, also can be used on the battlefield, said Hewson. As noted by the FT, during the press conference, she showed reporters slides of experiment on application of laser weapons. The slides were shown a truck burned in the hood hole, through which he was put out of its engine.

According to Hewson, the difficulties faced by developers is the need to simultaneously increase the laser power and reduced weight.

Earlier it was reported that the national Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract for $20 million for the design of supersonic aircraft X-planes. During the tests the aircraft will be used the so-called “silent supersonic technology” (QueSST). It should be a “soft” alternative to nerve-racking high Suistamo the sound normally associated with supersonic aircraft.